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Project Description
It's a metadata file system for Windows built in C++ and C#. It allows users to capture extended file information that dynamically renders customized templates.

FileSystems are the storage backbone for any computer system, in Today’s operating systems most of them provide a common functionality set like journaling, security and metadata among others. In my humble opinion, metadata is one of the most important ones, reason being is that they can tell users about the contents of the file without even opening it. Therefore, the information entered has to be accurate in order to make metadata important, otherwise it just doesn’t make sense to have it at all.

Starting with the principle of “allowing users capture the information the consider important in a flexible and customizable way” I started working on this project called “MetaFS” a few months back (currently available on I can humbly say that’s 85% percent complete, and I’m confident that the remaining bits can be completed with the help from developers in the community.

Unlike WinFS, MetaFS can have any database as metadata repository, but more importantly any given organization can create templates to capture the information that’s relevant to them, thus providing a personal touch to the solution. These templates can easily be customized per file types and even per user by extending the template which is based in XML.


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